Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Seeking a Private Detective

My attorney says that Larry stands a good chance of getting joint custody - in spite of the drug addiction. Courts love a decorated cop apparently. A bruised and shattered wife gets nothing!

Well, I have to protect myself and Victoria and that means I need Larry's dark side out in the open where it can be discussed with the judge.

I've short-listed a number of private investigators and I think this lady, Lauren Ortega (I like the idea of having a female private eye on my side!) could be the one.

But I want her to prove to me she has what it takes. That's fair, right?

The only snag is that she's without an assistant and I've told her she must find a capable person if she's to get the gig. If you're interested in being an assistant private eye, email me with "I'm Helping Lauren" in the Subject line and I'll we'll take it from there.


  1. Hey Mabel, thanks for saying you'll help! I'm on vacation right now but I'll get back to you towards April... hope I can count on your help then.


  2. Get your private detective right now!
    Just call (843) 492-2999




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