Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Been a Little Quiet

Ok ok I know I said I was read to wash my dirty laundry in public but I kinda got cold feet a little :)

And a little busy... it's the holiday season so I've been wrapping presents and watching Victoria eat Hersey's Kisses while I suffer the Cabbage Soup Diet so I'll be able to fit my sexy black number for New Years Eve!

I have started to get the hang of Twitter though... I think I'll use twitter to share my nonsense thoughts and use this blog just to document the custody process and "my life with Larry" expose.

Don't know if anyone's tried this site before? The lady started following me on twitter - it looks like something I need! LOL

Oh, here's my Twitter thingy

ps. I'm going to make an Angry Birds cake LOL And while dieting!


  1. oh my goodness!!! We just got new fancy phones at our house and we (including the children) are all crazy about angry birds. I'm forwarding that link to my husband, he is going to die!!! :)

  2. Oh yeah, are you kidding! It's so addictive - I love it.
    Thanks for commenting!




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