Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When your husband cheats on you with his job!

Nobody understands what it's like to have your husband cheats on you - not with a woman but worse, his job!

Having to go to bed on your own every night, having to learn how to use a gun "to protect myself", having him remember the anniversary of a gangland killing but not your wedding anniversary!

Apparently being a cop is more important to him than his wife and daughter.

My husband's first mistress is his job as an SFDP homicide inspector.

My husband's second wife is his pills.

I could deal with him two-timing me with his job, but not the pills. That was the last straw for me and I divorced him.

Larry and I have an amazing, beautiful, talented daughter called Victoria and despite his problems, he's been good in that regard. He never misses a child support payment or alimony check. But he thinks this entitles him to preferential treatment.

Maybe he got a bad visitation deal in court but he's lucky he got what he did! You don't turn up to a court hearing in clothes you've been sleeping in for two days and pupils as big as black holes.

The divorce was four years ago and I wish I could say Larry has gotten his life together, but he hasn't. He's just got better at coping with his drug problem.

He wants joint custody now. No way. Not while he's hooked on pills and not in front of our daughter.

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