Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Lauren Working Against Me?

Lauren Ortega worries me.  She works for me, but she doesn’t feel like she’s in my employ anymore.  The enthusiasm she used to show for my case isn’t there.  No, that’s not right.  She still has the fire to get a resolution, but I get the feeling she doesn’t care whether it works out in my favor.  The way she looks at Victoria tells me that she cares about my daughter.  Lauren is working for a solution that works best for my daughter and my daughter only.  I should fire her.  I love that she's all about Victoria, but it can’t be at my expense.

I saw the change when she dropped the bombshell about Noble’ Jon’s murder.  When I look back at that day, I know I went overboard with my reaction.  I reveled in the fact that Larry could be a murderer and that his downfall would guarantee Victoria would be mine forever.  My bloodlust for Larry’s ruin changed our relationship.

Since then, when she calls in with updates, the empathy isn’t there.  The distance between us has widened since she visited Lee Wang in San Quentin.  The gang boss was supposed to bury Larry.  He was the only thing I could throw into the mix since Noble Jon’s murder.  I don’t know what Wang said about Larry, but he couldn’t have delivered the deathblow.  Now when Lauren talks about Larry, there's a note of respect.  I get the feeling she's trying to save Larry.  If she's trying to save him, then who is she trying to destroy?


  1. Is she following a personal agenda?

  2. I don't know? Do you think?
    She's new to being a private eye - I think she's having a problem separating the work from her personal feelings/personal life.

  3. I guess PIs are allowed that bias, which makes them different from law enforcement - but still - as a professional, who is being paid...

    sometimes tho' it is hard to turn a cold eye when you see so much dark...




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