Saturday, January 8, 2011

Women Who Refuse to Believe the Truth About Their Husbands

I think I overreacted with my last post. Larry is many things, but he's not a murderer. I was married to the man over a decade. I would have seen something in him. You can't spend that amount of time with a person and not know what they're capable of.

I refuse to believe that about Larry.

I've seen him bring home the ugliness of his work and wear it around the house like it was a set of someone's clothes. He never had an outlet for his emotions. He never wanted to share it with me. Not because he couldn't, but because he didn't want to burden me with the misery of the streets. If he had, maybe we'd still be together.

Then again, how well do we know anyone? I never believed Larry would turn to drugs, but he did. I never expected him to bring home the effects of a detective investigating the worst acts people inflicted on each other. I never thought I would come to despise my husband, but I did. I never thought my husband was capable of murder, but I believe it's a possibility now. Is murder out of the question? Is it for anyone? Oh, I don't know.

Larry is a good man and a good father. He's just lost, and I can't lead him home. I have Victoria to consider. Larry will have to find his own way home.

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